How Alaska’s Government Really Works


Are you part of an Alaska or out-of-state group, organization or business that needs to deal with Alaska state or local government to advocate your causes? But you don’t know much about how Alaska governments are structured or operate on a day-to-day basis?

Are you a vendor who needs to know who to contact and how to push your product or service?

Or do you just want to find out more about the government operations in Alaska for some other reason?

Then, APAS can help.

APAS can help put together a lobbying strategy by explaining the power structure in the state for your purposes, and identifying the key power brokers. Or we can help you find the right person to help you promote your business or other activity.

APAS’s principal consultant has over thirty years of experience working with Alaska state and local government, and teaching and writing on Alaska politics and government. He and other experts can help you understand how Alaska government really works and how to gain access to key decision-makers to deal with your needs or promote your cause.