Materials & Resources


In this section you will find five types of resources and materials that may be useful in your lobbying effort.

First, there is a short video tour of the state capitol and major government offices in downtown Juneau.

Second, are articles and other materials that you can download for free relating to various aspects of interest groups, lobbying, and Alaska politics and government.

Third, are links to useful websites. Most of these are Alaska websites. From these you can get all sorts of information, including many documents, such as a list of legislators and their committee assignment, that can be downloaded. In addition, there are websites of organizations and agencies from across the country that may be useful for gathering information to aid your advocacy effort.

Next, there is an extensive list of written materials on political advocacy and Alaska politics.

Fifth, is a short list of recommended practical guides to lobbying and political newsletters that you can purchase from APAS or from other outlets.