Free Articles & Other Materials


Politics in Alaska – Political Encyclopedia of U.S. States and Regions (Clive S. Thomas, 2009) [pdf, 1.4mb]
Politics in Alaska: Is it Really Different from Other Places? – Society: An Alaskan Perspective (Clive S. Thomas, 1996) [pdf, 1.1mb]
The Most Influential Interest Groups in Alaska Today and in the Past (Clive S. Thomas, 2010) [pdf, 134kb]
Interest Group Politics in the States  – Four Decades of Developments, Book of the States (Clive S. Thomas, Ronald J. Hrebenar & Anthony J. Nownes, 2008) [pdf, 2mb]
Who’s Got Clout? – Interest Group Power in the State, State Legislatures (Clive S. Thomas & Ronald J. Hrebenar, 1999) [pdf, 4.9mb]
Lobbying in the United States – An Overview for Students, Scholars and Practitioners, Handbook of Public Affairs (Clive S. Thomas, 2005) [pdf, 2.3mb]
Transparency in Public Affairs –  Lessons from the Mixed Experience in the United States (Clive S. Thomas, 2006) [pdf, 438kb]
The Sarah Palin Phenomenon – Issues in American Politics (Clive S. Thomas, 2013) [pdf, 197kb]