Understanding Alaska

Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Photo credit: Luca Galuzzi - www.galuzzi.it - 2005

Few places in the United States or around the world are shrouded in more myths and subject to such misunderstandings as is Alaska. This is not only the case with people from outside the state but also the case with many Alaskans. Operating on the basis of such misinformation or limited knowledge can be detrimental to your business, organization or group.

Do you have employees who come from outside of Alaska and you’d like them to understand the state to make your operations more “Alaska friendly” and efficient?

Are you thinking of setting up a business in Alaska or an Alaska operation of your existing business from outside the state?

Or do you just want to find out more about the state in anticipation of a visit or for some other reason?

Then, APAS can explain the realities of Alaska’s economy, geography, demographics, society and culture, government and politics, its educational system and more! We can do this in a short talk, a workshop, a one-on-one session, or through written materials.

Through its major consultant and many experts on all aspects of Alaska, APAS can help you understand the realities of Alaska and avoid the common mistakes when dealing with state and local governments, or working to promote your business or other activity.