Using Volunteers & Interns Effectively


Volunteers can be a great asset to a business, government agency, lobbying effort, community group or non-profit organization. But often they don’t meet expectations for all sorts of reasons and can even undermine the efforts of an organization or lobbying campaign. Similarly with interns. If used properly they can be a tremendous asset; but they can also be a time-sink and a burden.

APAS can help you get the most out of volunteers and interns by familiarizing you with the needs and psychology of volunteers and interns and the mutual benefit that must exist to work with them successfully. We can develop a plan for dealing with your volunteers and interns to avoid the risk of volunteers letting you down at a crucial moment, and interns not understanding their role.

In aiding you with volunteers and interns, APAS will be drawing on over twenty-five years of dealing with volunteers and running internship programs in federal, state and local government, and non-profit agencies.